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Disclaimer: The listed cases are illustrative of the types of cases handled and do not represent the entire record of cases handled by the firm. The outcome of a particular case is based upon a variety of factors and cannot be predicated upon a lawyer's or law firm's past results. The penalties listed for each case are the maximum amount of time the client was facing, based upon the structured sentencing guidelines and taking into consideration each client's criminal record at that time. Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.

Criminal & Traffic Over 100 Child Sexual Abuse Charges Dismissed

The firm zealously work on the representation of the notorious "Little Rascals" case in Edenton, North Carolina which ultimately resulted in the dismissal of more than 100 separate child sexual abuse charges.

Juvenile Rape Charge Dismissed

When a juvenile was charged with the violent rape of another, the firm zealously advocated on his behalf examining the case detail by detail. Ultimately this dedicated and focused analysis caused the charges to be completely dismissed the day prior to trial. The juvenile, who faced years of incarceration, never spent a day in detention.

DWI Found Not Guilty at Trial

Defendant stopped for failure to maintain his lane. Presented his valid driver's license and registration, at which time an odor of alcohol was detected. Defendant was asked out of the vehicle and performed a variety of field sobriety tests (FSTs) to a moderate level of success and remained polite and cooperative throughout the stop. The Defendant was arrested under suspicion of DWI and taken downtown where he blew over the legal limit and was released on an unsecured bond. The Defendant was found not guilty at trial on the charge of DWI and responsible for the infraction of failure to maintain his lane.

Trafficking Charges Completely Dismissed

When a defendant was charged with multiple counts of trafficking over 400 grams of cocaine and faced over 18 years of incarceration and a $250,000 fine for each count, the firm's detailed and zealous representation resulted in the charges being completely dismissed and the defendant being released from jail.

Million Dollar Bond Reduced

When a defendant was incarcerated under a $1 million bond, the firm was successful in having that bond reduced to a manageable number and coordinated with a bond bailsman to ensure the defendant's release.

License Restored After Over 20 Years

When a defendant lost license over 20 years ago as a result of failing to appear in court and traffic convictions, the firm was able to clean up his driving record by resolving all pending indefinite suspensions and representing the client at a DMV hearing. The result was the restoration of the client's privilege to drive in North Carolina.

Soldier Accused of Rape

When a soldier was accused of rape and under investigation by the local law enforcement agency, the firm's pre-charge representation of the client ensured criminal charges were never initiated against the client thereby avoiding career-changing consequences.

Embezzlement Over a 10-Year Period Without a Criminal Conviction

When an employee was accused of having embezzled millions of dollars over a 10-year period, the firm was able to evaluate and negotiate a settlement which never included a criminal conviction.

Civil Wrongful Death Case Won

When an elderly mother fell down a flight of stairs at a restaurant and died, the firm was successful in reaching a confidential settlement with the company due to the restaurant's remodeling without appropriate construction permits.

$1,100,000 Settlement in Wrongful Death Medical Malpractice Case

Our client's wife suffered respiratory and cardiac arrest as the result of a failure to monitor her properly while she received pain medications after routine surgery. Although she was resuscitated, she never recovered consciousness and died. We arranged for reviews by expert witnesses in the fields of nursing, pharmacology, and forensic pathology, who supported our claims that negligent nursing care caused the death. During our investigation, we discovered that one of the nurses had a drug abuse problem. We filed suit, and after about a year and a half of litigation two mediated settlement conferences, we settled the case for $1,100,000.

$1,000,000 Recovery in VA Medical Malpractice Case With Nerve Injury

A veteran had a vein stripping procedure at a VA Medical Center, and the surgeon injured a nerve, which resulted in chronic pain and disability. The veteran was unable to work and lost his job. We had an expert witness review the case, and he confirmed that the surgeon went outside of the appropriate area during the surgery, which was a breach of the standard of care. The Government initially denied the claim, but after we filed suit, we reached a settlement of $1,000,000 plus the right for the veteran to obtain additional care from the Government.

Slip and Fall Settlement of $130,000

Our client slipped and fell in water after an employee of a national chain store failed to put up warning signs near a freshly mopped floor. Our client, who was already disabled from an earlier injury, hurt his back and right leg as a result of the fall. We could not resolve his case before suit, so we filed suit. During the pretrial phase of the suit, we obtained extensive information from the national chain about other customers who were injured in its stores. During our investigation, we also found a witness who said that she had told the employee that the floor was wet, but he did nothing. The information that we obtained led to increased settlement offers, and we were able to settle the claims favorably.

$65,500 Verdict in Car Wreck Case

Our client was injured when the defendant lost control of his car, which was pulling a trailer, crossed the center line, and hit our client's car. The collision injured our client's back and neck. As a result of these injuries, he was not able to accept employment offers that he received. The insurance company for the other driver refused to consider any lost wages and offered $25,000, even though medical expenses were over $18,000. We filed suit. After extensive pretrial litigation with a very experienced defense lawyer, we spent almost a week in trial. The jury returned a verdict of $65,500. With the addition of interest and recoverable expenses, the total recovery was $72,544.54.

Client Reviews
ReliabilityMr David Courie & team said what they was gone to do and got it done! If your looking for an outstanding lawyer, well look no further. I had a traffic ticket that had hindered/Crippled me but his team cleared me. Theirs just not enough words that I can express. But I thank God he lead me to Beaver Courie Law Firm. Michael
ThankfulAppreciative for the help given to our family during a time of uncertainty. He was able to relieve anxiety and unnecessary fear. Grateful for their expertise. Cynthia
Attorney You can TrustDavid is trustworthy and very knowledgeable. He goes above and beyond what is expected and he is very professional in his approach to helping his clients. He made us feel like we were family and he was truly looking out for our best interest. I highly recommend him as an attorney. Mark