The Cumberland and Hoke County Courthouses are closed today.Our offices are also closed but you can still contact us and make a payment online!

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Please Read Carefully and Completely Prior to Making an On-Line Payment:

Making a payment DOES NOT create or re-establish an attorney client relationship. Only written or telephone communication with an  Attorney or Staff Member of Beaver Courie can confirm you as a client of the firm.  This online payment option is for use by existing clients of Beaver Courie or new clients who have made initial contact with a member of our firm, and have been directed to our On-line Payment option.

Please contact Beaver Courie about becoming a client by email or telephone if you have not already done so.  Once you have contacted the firm about becoming a client, we will provide email confirmation establishing an attorney client relationship within 48 hours. (Normally, immediately, or within a couple of hours after contacting us, if during business hours.)  Then you will be able to make on-line attorney fee payments through our website. We look forward to working for you!

In order to ensure your payment is applied as intended, please indicate which case or charge (for example:  DWI, Speeding, DWLR, Simple Assault, etc) you would like your payment applied to below.  Be sure to complete all fields below as not to delay securing representation and our ability to open your file.  Payments must be received 48 hours prior to the court date in order to ensure timely processing.

All online payments are strictly for attorney’s fees.  Restitution and court costs cannot be paid online.
Any information transmitted from this online pay site will be encrypted.  For more information on our Online Payment/Refund Policy, click here, Thank you.