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Accusations of discharging a “barreled weapon” are serious criminal charges.  As set forth in NCGS Chapter 14-34.1, shooting Shooting into Occupied Vehicle Charges in Fayetteville NC into occupied vehicle charges in Fayetteville (and buildings, structures, aircraft, etc.) are felony criminal allegations. 

The law is intended to be broadly applied. It includes a wide range of “conveyances” and enclosures, devices, and equipment.  

The purpose of the criminal law is to protect people (occupants) of different properties “from being shot at.”  

Criminal charges in North Carolina are subject to special protections and rules of court. One of those is the right to a trial by jury. Right to Jury Trial in North Carolina The right to a jury trial is deemed “fundamental” to a fair trial and true justice.   

In fact, the right to a jury trial in the United States is specifically referenced in the Declaration of Independence. Complaints against the crown (the king) were numerous. One of the “repeated injuries” by King George III involved the consistent deprivation of the benefit of a jury trial.  

We declared our independence from Great Britain because of things like unfair criminal trials without juries, illegal searches and seizures, corrupt enforcement of the laws, and the lack of protections requiring probable cause and reasonable suspicion.   

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