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News And Events


Governor Roy Cooper Appoints H. Gerald Beaver to N.C. Grievance Resolution Board

Fayetteville attorney, H. Gerald Beaver, has been appointed by Governor Roy Cooper to serve as a member of the North Carolina Inmate Grievance Resolution Board. The Grievance Resolution Board serves within the Division of Adult Correction in the Department of Public Safety. The Board consists of five members appointed by the Governor to serve four-year terms. Three of the members must be attorneys chosen from a list of 10 individuals recommended by the Council of the North Carolina State Bar….Read the full article

Personal Injury Lawyer

Have a Personal Injury Case? When you get in an accident or suffer a serious injury, trying to figure out what to do can be overwhelming.  At Beaver Courie, our personal injury attorneys will help you through this difficult time. Our team has earned recognition among clients and legal professionals throughout the region for our capacity to help personal injury victims fight for their rights. You undoubtedly have some questions about your situation. Here are some answers to common questions: How soon do I have to…Read the full article

Hal Broadfoot at Lafayette’s Birthday Celebration

This year’s Lafayette birthday celebrations in Fayetteville included “Arias and Artifacts” at Methodist University. The event consisted of a reception and program highlighting recent additions to the Lafayette Collection at Davis Memorial Library. Members of the MU Chorale also shared memories of their recent visit to St. Avold, France, Fayetteville’s sister city.  Afterward, there was a concert of French music in Hensdale Chapel, presented by vocalist Gail Morfesis and friends. The Lafayette Collection includes letters, monographs, books, commemorative items, maps,…Read the full article


Have you wondered what the difference is between DWI and DUI? Did you know DUI (Driving Under the Influence) and DWI (Driving While Impaired) are the same crime. North Carolina law does not recognize a difference between the two and actually punishes this offense under the label of DWI.  This is because the law recognizes and punishes impairment, regardless of whether it stems from alcohol, illegal drugs or prescription medication. When charged with DWI, you might think that you have no…Read the full article

INSURANCE SELF-DEFENSE – Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage

Everyone’s heard of defensive driving—being on the lookout for dangerous situations so drivers can avoid them before a wreck happens. What happens, however, when a wreck occurs in spite of best efforts at defensive driving? If another driver negligently caused the wreck, the injured person can make a claim against that driver’s insurance company. What if the other driver has no insurance or too little insurance to cover the medical expenses, lost wages, pain, and suffering that result from serious…Read the full article

Attorney David Courie represents Fort Bragg Soldier

The Fort Bragg soldier, Bryan Scott Wolfinger, who is charged with misdemeanor going armed to the terror of the public, is being represented by Attorney David Courie.  Wolfinger, who set off a wave of panic and caused a lockdown at Cross Creek Mall on July 2nd, has cooperated with police. “I want the very best outcome for him I can possibly get,” Courie said. “He’s a good young man, appears to be a good young soldier and he’s continued to…Read the full article

New Laws Could Boost Cumberland’s Low DWI Conviction Rate

New Laws Could Boost Cumberland’s Low DWI Conviction Rate __ WRAL See article on WRAL here.

Satisky pleads no contest in shooting

Satisky pleads no contest in shooting – Fayetteville Observer_ Local News See article on Fayetteville Observer here

Turkey Vultures Adapt to City Life

Article featured in the Fayetteville Observer, written by Hal Broadfoot, attorney in Fayetteville NC. David Courie texted me the other day to ask if I had seen the vultures atop the Woodrow Street Park water tower. I had. At least a hundred of these birds rest there day and night. Later, when I saw him at work, David and I talked more about the vultures. What exactly are they? Why are they here? Why are they attracted to the tower?…Read the full article

Partner Mark Sternlicht published in Trial Briefs

Partner Mark Sternlicht was published in Trial Briefs: “An Introduction to the Federal Tort Claims Act”. The article shares Sternlicht’s extensive experience and knowledge in bringing law suits against the federal government in instances of personal injury, property injury, wrongful death or medical malpractice. The Act is federal law which is very relevant to Cumberland and Hoke Counties in light of the presence of Fort Bragg, Womack Army Medical Center and the Veterans Hospital.  Read “An Introduction to the Federal…Read the full article

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